PC-10V Yorkville 10ft Vintage Instrument Cable

PC-10V Yorkville 10ft Vintage Instrument Cable

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1/4" to 1/4" Instrument Cable with one 90 Angled End

Standard Series Cables provide the best value for rugged, high quality instrument cabling. Ideal for stage or studio, Yorkville Standard Series Instrument Cables use 24 gauge 19 strand bare annealed copper conductors (20 gauge 41 strand conductors on Vintage Style Cables) for effective signal transfer. High quality nickel plated jacks with strain relief and rugged matte PVC outer covering• provide long term reliability in even the most punishing environments. Manufactured in North America and covered by a limited lifetime warranty, Yorkville Standard Series Cables are designed to provide unmatched performance night after night.

*PVC outer covering with additional textile braiding on Vintage Style Cables

• High Quality -inch Nickel Plated Ends for Extra Durability and Efficient Signal Transfer
• 24 Gauge 19-strand Bare Annealed Copper Conductors (Vintage-Style Cables use 20 Gauge 41-strand Bare Annealed Copper Conductors)
• Polyethylene Insulation
• Bare Annealed Copper Spiral Shielding for Effective EMI and RFI Rejection
• Rugged Matte PVC Outer Covering (Vintage-Style Cables use PVC with Textile Braid)
• RoHS Compliant Lead Free Solder
• Manufactured in North America
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Connector 1: 1/4" -M Angled
Connector 2: 1/4" -M Angled
Length: 20 feet