CAD StageSelect Wireless Bodypack System with Lavalier, Earworn Mic, and Guitar Cable

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The StageSelect WX1610 Wireless Bodypack System with Lavalier, Earworn Mic and Guitar Cable from CAD Audio is for capturing audio. It is used in various venues for vocal and speech applications such as for singers, public speakers, stage and theater performances, and more. It features a frequency response of 40 Hz to 15 kHz and a dynamic range of 109 dB. This wireless bodypack system features 100-channel UHF frequency-agile diversity reception and offers connectivity with a minimal of multipath interference. The Equitek E19 ergonomic and behind the ear microphone is designed with a replaceable cable and provides intelligibility in speech. It also provides natural and accurate reproduction in the most demanding environments such as in houses of worship, presenters or theater performers. The WX1610 system is built with ScanLink technology to provide instantaneous and automatic channel configuration. There is an automatic code encoded squelch to help prevent and eliminate unauthorized interference. AA batteries supply over 15 hours of battery life. The bodypack transmitter has SoftTouch On and Mute switches with multi-color LED indicators to monitor mute status and battery life. The receiver is built with a metal chassis to provide a durable and shielded enclosure. It features 1/4" and XLR outputs to connect to a mixer source. A 1/4" to TA4 guitar cable for the bodypack, rack ears and joining kit are also included.
  • UHF Frequency Band
  • Lavalier and Low-Profile Earworn Microphones
  • 40 Hz to 15 kHz Frequency Response
  • 100-Channel Frequency Agile
  • Automatic Channel Configuration
  • SoftTouch On and Mute Switches
  • LED Indicators
  • 1/4" and XLR Outputs on Receiver
  • Metal Chassis with Rack Ears Included
  • WXGTR Guitar Cable Included
  • Diversity Operation Receiver features 2 antennas to scan for the strongest signal to minimize multipath interference
  • ScanLink Technology Features instantaneous scan of the RF environment and automatic link to the transmitter and receiver
  • CADLock Provides automatic tone encoded squelch to eliminate unauthorized interference
  • Two Frequency Bands The two frequency bands provide more flexibility - Band G is 542 to 564 MHz and Band F is 638 to 662 MHz
  • SoftTouch Switches Features switches with multicolor LED indicators of On/Mute and Low Battery
  • Long Battery Life AA batteries provide over 15 hours battery life
  • Metal Chassis Metal chassis receiver provides a durable shielded enclosure with included rack ears for mounting